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U-Pick Flower Farm

Fresh Cut, Floral Designs & Events

Farmer's Market

Each Saturday Morning Blooming Meadows Farm will be setup at Watsontown Farmer’s Market. We will be selling handpicked fresh, locally grown bouquets. Each bouquet will come wrapped in brown paper and Twine with the stems tied in a bag with soaked paper towel. The bouquets will be picked at the correct time to endure the longest vase life possible. The flower will open in your vase at home for your enjoyment.

Small Design

10 Stems

$10 per Bouquet 

Medium Design 

15 Stems

$15 per Bouquet

Large Design 

20 Stems

$20 per Bouquet

Questions and Answers 

Where is the Farmer's Market Located?

The Farmer’s Market is going to be located in the Watsontown Park on the Main Street.

What are the hours of operation?

The hours are not defined yet but it should be around 10 am-1 pm.

What is in each Bouquet?

The Bouquets will all have a focal flower, filler flowers and foliage. They will come wrapped up in butcher paper and twine. The stems will be soaked in a wet paper towel.

What size Bouquets are offered?

We offer 3 different  size Bouquets. You can choose from: Small (10 stems), Medium (20 stems) and Large (25 stems). We include at least thr minimum stems in each Bouquet. We are known to pop a few surprises in here and there.

How do I take care of the Bouquet?

Please put your flowers in water as soon as possible. When you do this be sure to cut at least 1-2 inches off the bottom. This is required for the flower to drink water. You should add sugar or flower food to the water. Make sure you use a clean vase and change the water daily.

What type of Payment do you accept?

Currently we accept cash and credit cards. All sales are final.