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U-Pick Flower Farm

Fresh Cut, Floral Designs & Events

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

My name is Colleen and I’m an Interior Designer. I have always been drawn to projects and creating things beautiful since I was a little girl. Our Family moved to PA after being in the military for 10 years. We bought an old Farm House built in 1800 and 5 acres. My husband, Matt grew up on a farm. He longed to get back to his roots. My love of design and architecture and his love of farming were brought together with the purchase of our dream home. 

Six years later, we were slowly trying to figure out exactly how we plan to use our land. My husband wants to raise animals and I want the picture perfect landscape. This did not match. I have always imagined having a Bed and Breakfast or a place to hold Weddings at, not pigs! On our family vacation to Colorado, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast that was also an Antique Store and Flower Farm. I was sold. I knew this is what I needed to be doing, only problem I did not know how. Year after year, my longing for the picture perfect landscape did not go away, it increased. Finally inspiration hit and I knew exactly what to do. Welcome to Blooming Meadows Farm a U-Pick destination in the Susquehanna local area. A merge of my design and my husband’s farming, a match made in heaven!!

Our Family

We are the Musgrave family! Matt and I met in the Navy. We had two beautiful children. Throughout our 10 years Navy life, we traveled the world and lived in many places. I am originally from Baltimore, MD and Matt is from Fort Morgan, Colorado. We met on a tiny island Diego Garcia, south of India. Once we left military life behind, we moved to a small town - Turbotville, PA (30 minutes south of Williamsport). We found a place to grow our family roots. Now our roots are expanding to the Susquehanna Valley to produce gorgeous flowers for any and every occasion.

Our Passion of Nature, Beauty, and Peace has led us down the road to provide a place for all to enjoy and cherish. We hope Blooming Meadows Farm brings you Joy. It is our goal to make Blooming Meadows Farm a place where Treasured Memories are created over and over again.